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In the News

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Fixed by Jill Lepore - The New Yorker

When Divorce Isn't the Only Choice by Barbara Kantrowitz and Pat Wingert - Newsweek

Estranged spuses increasingly waiting out downturn to divorce by Donna St. George - The Washington Post

When Couples Fight on Facebook, Everyone Knows the Score by Douglas Quenqua - The New York Times

Money matters in a marriage by Michelle Singletary - The Washington Post

Recession takes a toll on men's role as providers by Michael Gerson - The Washington Post

The Marriage Recession by Linda Shrieves - The Orlando Sentinel

The upside of a rough-and-tumble decade by Colleen Carroll Campbell - stltoday.com

Recession Bright Spot? Divorce Rate Drops by Sandra Hughes - CBS Evening News

Marriage, money go hand in hand by Cheryl Wetzstein - Washington Post

Tiger Woods scandal prompts question: Why do men cheat? by Sharon Jayson - USA Today

Unionized: National Marriage Project sets up shop at UVA by Erika Maguire - The Hook

Faith, family work together by Cheryl Wetzstein - The Washington Times

Maine Has Unusually High Divorce Rate, But Why? by Josie Huang - The Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Repairing a Broken Home - Fathers For Good

Va. event to promote marriage, 2-parent families by Zinie Chen Sampson - WTKR.com

Eastern Indiana county tops nation in divorce rate by Deanna Martin - Chicago Tribune

What's In A Name? A Bride-to-Be Reflects on Changing Her Surname by Jaime Cunningham - Newsweek

Lost in a World Without Courtship by Michael Gerson - The Washington Post

The Evolution of Divorce by W. Bradford Wilcox - National Affairs

The next conservative thinkers by Drake Bennett - Boston Globe

Five Mythson Fathers and Family by W. Bradford Wilcox - National Review Online

The Principled Opposition by Fred Barnes - The Weekly Standard

The Real Pregnancy Crisis by W. Bradford Wilcox - The Wall Street Journal

What a Mom Wants by Megan Basham - The Wall Street Journal

Men and God by Michael Kelly - The Irish Times

To Have, to Hold, For a While by W. Bradford Wilcox - The Wall Street Journal

Single Mom Surge - CNN News Video

God Will Provide -- Unless the Government Gets There First by W. Bradford Wilcox - The Wall Street Journal

What the Obama Revolution Means for Religion in America by W. Bradford Wilcox - realclearpolitics.com

The Immanent Frame - SSRC

What Scarlet Letter? Why Christian conservatives have only admiration for Sarah Palin by Hanna Rosin

The Fading Attraction of Teenage Marriage - NYTimes.com

Wall Street Journal Article on Honoring One's Father

Wall Street Journal Article by Naomi Schaefer Riley

Time Article on Circumcision

Washington Post Article by Michael Gerson

Wall Street Journal Article on Iowa Republicans

New York Times Article by John Tierney

Slate Magazine Article on Marriage

NBC Today Show Segment

Boston Globe Article on Fatherhood

NPR Segment on Postponing Parenthood