Tips by National Marriage Project for Marital Bliss

Before you say “I Do”, it may be a good idea to learn the tips and tricks of staying happily married ever after. According to guidelines suggested by the National Marriage Project, staying married has a lot to do with your finances. The truth is a marriage dissolves when financial problems start taking a toll on relationships.

The National Marriage Project together with the Institute of American Values, publishes the State of Our Unions, a yearly report. This is created using data about marriages, self-reported happiness, and economics that have been gathered over the last 4 decades. This is an attempt to show how US couples have managed to overcome relationship troubles and problems they have faced or continue to face still. While examining the relationship between marital bliss and financial security, the 2009 State of The Unions publication reported 5 ways to achieve a harmony.

  1. Eliminate debts: The best way to strengthen a marriage is to make sure you are not in debt. The convenience of using credit cards has led millions to buy what they want in a hurry without thinking of how they would eventually pay their credit card bills. This frightening trend became visible in 2008 when American buyers were in debt collectively to the tune of $1 trillion. So, when you have just got married, it is important to clear your debts to stay content in the marriage. As newlyweds, the last thing you need to be worrying about is how to pay off your dues.
  2. Produce homemade goods: When restaurants suffered a backlash in 2008, it triggered a great opportunity for people to revive their home economies. Today, in the wake of the pandemic, once again people have recognized the value of eating healthy. They have started investing in organic gardening, and preparing meals from scratch. Post-2008, families started making their own meals and own clothes. Today, they count the recession as a godsend because this period strengthened ties between married couples and within family members.
  3. Get college degrees: If you have not managed to finish your college, this may be the best thing to do post-marriage. Research shows that when both partners have completed college education, they are financially and emotionally secure. So, higher education is one of the keys to marital bliss.
  4. Work outside: Reports show that it is the men who have lost jobs the most during recession, particularly blue-collar office workers. As a result, these men have had to assume household responsibilities. This can be good for gender equality but can have devastating consequences for a marriage. If you ask a husband, who is forced to manage the home and kids, whether he is happy, you are not going to get a positive response. It is important for the husband to work an equal number of hours as his spouse to be satisfied and content.
  5. Reverse financial gender roles: Whenever spouses divide responsibilities it is the wife who oversees household expenses while the husband handles financial investments. Research however that this clichéd role is not conducive to a healthy and happy marriage. Men are usually overconfident and tend to make risky investments while women are careful about investments. However, they end up spending more on daily shopping than men. So, reversing gender roles can actually help improve your home finances, and, in turn, your marriage.
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